Blue Skies Exploration Academy has been a part of the Colorado Springs community since December 2011. We offer children the opportunity to explore a broad range of activities through long-term, child-directed projects. Think about how much fun your child will have when given permission to explore the world in a safe and loving environment that will help them grow into smart and healthy, happy kids!

We understand that today’s active families need a partner that really understands the need for safe, reliable, and loving care. At the core of our centers, you’ll find dedicated and highly trained staff who are deeply committed to providing your child the skills they need to reach their individual potential.

Additionally, Blue Skies Exploration Academy is part of Early Learning Academies (ELA) family, a growing network of trusted early childhood learning centers led by a team of seasoned and committed childcare professionals.   


At Blue Skies Exploration Academy, we do not follow a rigid, cookie-cutter curriculum. Because of our Reggio Emilia inspired manner of teaching, our custom-crafted planning takes into account the special needs of each child. The Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning is a modern, reflective way of teaching and interacting with young children, combining the best qualities of Play-Based, Waldorf, and Montessori methods into a socially and environmentally connected learning community. We engage the children, the teachers, the families, and the environment to create a learning community that encourages critical thinking, social awareness, social development, artistic growth, scientific investigation, communication skills, pre-literacy skills, mathematics, and creativity.


The importance of quality teachers cannot be overstated. In addition to their warmth and sensitivity to the needs of young children, our teachers and assistants are carefully chosen for their experience and training in the fields of early childhood education and child development. Continuous education and participation in early childhood organizations help our staff stay abreast of the latest developments in childhood education.

As a fully licensed childcare center, our teachers are all trained in First-Aid and CPR and have undergone state background checks.



When your little one is in our care, you never need to worry about their safety! Blue Skies put safety first. We utilize secure sign-in/out technology that provides our staff with real-time attendance information. Our childcare system, SmartCare, also allows us to notify parents immediately of any urgent situations. All entrances are monitored by staff or cameras and require pass codes or QR codes for entry. Additionally, staff participate in regular emergency preparedness training and drills.