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Preschool Colorado Springs

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We Prepare Your Child for the Next Step!

Preschool Colorado Springs

Dress up is so fun with my friends!

Our preschool classrooms at Blue Skies Exploration Academy are designed with a wide variety of materials and equipment for your child to use as they focus on deeper, more meaningful explorations of the world.

Your preschooler performs more involved scientific investigations, and are given many opportunities to express themselves through art. We also teach academics, and have class meetings times, while encouraging and teaching those all-important social skills as a preparation for prekindergarten!

Key Benefits of the Preschool Rooms:

  • Parents receive daily communication notes
  • Teachers work with the children to learn how to follow classroom rules and work within the structure of a classroom environment.
  • Early Learning skills such as ABC’s and 123’s are addressed naturally each day
  • Social skills and expressing emotions are a big focus of each day as our friends learn to share, cooperate and negotiate with one another
  • Scientific explorations lead to new discoveries as well as a chance for individualized embedded academic instruction
  • Natural and repurposed materials are used frequently to teach children creativity and inspire them to create toys, art and activities.
  • Outdoor education and environmental stewardship is extended year long with the use of our new greenhouse and flower gardens, plus the outdoor classroom and our composter!


Our Dedicated to Education Matters

Preschool in Colorado Springs

Learning about lights and shadows!

We want our children to grow into happy, healthy, confident, excited and eager learners!

Because we know that relationships are most important for small children, we care for your child in a kind and consistent child-focused manner so that we may gently encourage your child to meet his/her developmental milestones.

By engaging children in a rich sensory environment and allowing them to safely explore the world around them, we help them understand the world.

We strive to provide the children with a home-like environment such as softer lighting and soft seating areas. The use of found and re-purposed materials helps us create an interesting landscape full of shadows, reflections, textures, and stimulating activities.

Our teachers cuddle, sing, dance, and read to the children. Soft music is played throughout the day. They create experiences to help children incorporate what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste into their understanding of the world.

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Blue Skies Exploration Academy

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