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Infant Care Colorado Springs

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Infant Care Colorado Springs

Helping your child explore, grow and learn!

Our infant care program at Blue Skies Exploration Academy has been designed to provide your baby with a warm and nurturing environment.

Our nurturing and experienced staff ensures that every baby receives the individualized care they need and deserve. Your baby is given ample opportunities and various natural materials to explore the world around them to ensure they meet developmental milestones.

Come in and check out our newly remodeled infant nursery! Featuring natural wood floors, sensory stations, lots of natural lighting, and all new cribs that meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s “New Crib Rules”, we worked hard to create the best space to help your child explore, develop and thrive!

Key Benefits of our Infant Care Program:

  • Our teachers monitor developmental milestones
  • Parents receive daily communication notes
  • Each child has their own crib
  • Each child keeps their own daily schedule
  • Our teachers provide sensory stimulation to improve cognitive growth
  • Natural lighting is used to help bring nature indoors
  • Video monitoring viewed in the office
  • Natural and repurposed materials are used to create a fascinating environment

Infant Care in Colorado Springs

A comforting quiet space for
your sweet baby

Why is Reggio Emilia Education important for infants?

Reggio Emilia style education promotes the relationships between child and caregiver allowing for the best possible emotional growth.

These relationships help to stimulate both verbal and non verbal communication. This also allows the children to investigate the world around them in a safe way.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy at its core believes that children are competent, responsible, decision-making people that deserve to be treated as such.

We want our children to grow into happy, healthy, confident learners. Because we know that relationships are most important for small children we care for your child in a kind and consistent child-focused manner so that we may gently encourage your child to meet their own developmental milestones.

By engaging infants and toddlers in a rich sensory environment and allowing them to safely explore the world around them, we help them understand the world.

We strive to provide the children with a home-like environment with softer lighting and soft seating areas. The use of found and repurposed materials helps us create an interesting landscape full of shadows, reflections, textures, and stimulating activities.

Our amazing teachers cuddle, sing, dance, and read to the children. Soft music is played throughout the day. They create experiences to help infants process what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

Contact Us or call 719-590-1195 today and let your child start exploring!

Blue Skies Exploration Academy

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Creating the independent thinkers of tomorrow!