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Garden & Greenhouse 

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blue skies gardensOur outdoor classroom area is a very important part of our curriculum. We take great pride in our gardens and greenhouse.  The children are completely involved in every process.

The Blues Skies Garden grows everything from produce and wild flowers, to succulents and fairy gardens. We also have rabbits that live in our garden and the children are involved in caring for them as well.

When your child enrolls at Blue Skies Exploration Academy they'll have the opportunity to watch a plant grow from a tiny seed into a plant. That plant will live in the greenhouse until it is time to plant it in the ground if applicable.

Wildlife habitat photo

We are a certified wildlife habitat. Click here to visit the National Wildlife Federation

Once in the ground, the children are part of caring for the plants and can eventually harvest them if they are food based. Farm to table is a wonderful way to introduce healthy foods to the children, and they are all too eager to try something they grew!

While winter time is a bit quieter in the garden itself, we are still making bird feeders and hanging them around. We love to watch the birds and learn all about the different species and even try to memorize their tunes. The greenhouse is bustling with activity during the winter months as the classrooms each have a raised garden bed to plant in.

Blue Skies Exploration Academy Garden

We love our fairy garden!

There is also a wonderful and enchanting fairy garden which the children can add to, and play out their own creative stories!

In addition to exploring the world of plants and animals the children are also learning responsibility. Responsibilities include caring for other living things, and also of keeping the earth clean.

They see through their explorations in the garden and greenhouse that the world needs plants and animals to be healthy. Everything has a purpose right down to the smallest little bug!

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