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Art Projects

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Everyone is an Artist!

Art Studio at Blue Skies Exploration Academy

Our Art projects are full of inspiration!

Children speak with 100 voices—they all have their own way of communicating and expressing ideas.  At Blue Skies Exploration Academy, we believe all people are artistically inclined and that art can be used to draw out a child’s knowledge and communication skills.

By providing multifaceted art projects, we are able to connect with children in a deeper way, which promotes bonding and understanding.

Being active in the arts helps build children’s communication, questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting, and observation skills.  All of these activities help build neural connections in their brains and improve social skills.  With this in mind, Blue Skies Exploration Academy is proud to provide our children and families ample time for art projects.

Repurposing and recycling at Blue Skies EA

Repurposing and recycling is a fun part of art!

Our teachers in each classroom directly involve the children in planning and executing projects that relate to their area of study and support growth and development.

The classroom teacher works to develop multi-faceted artistic projects which bring in academics, social skills and encourages communication.

The children work in a variety of mediums including but not limited to clay, sculpture, watercolor, pastels, tempera, fabric, yarn, and wood.  We encourage the children to live our eco-friendly ideals by repurposing and recycling as many materials as possible through their artwork.

By having the children work on long term projects we encourage persistence while gaining a better knowledge of each child’s inner temperament.

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